About Us


Tish Millard is the founder of Accounting Confidential. Tish grew up in her family’s small businesses and saw first hand how business owners and individuals struggle to sometimes grasp the complexities and burden of compliance. Tish's passion for small business and their growth is what drives her in her own business. Let Tish & the team at Accounting Confidential be the support you need to have financial success. 



Tish is on a mission to ensure small business owners have the capacity to run the most modern, efficient and profitable businesses they possibly can. By having more successful businesses in Australia, we are securing a strong financial economy for generations to come. 


Why Us

Tish is trusted because she has more than 10 years' experience helping clients build thriving businesses and the wealth they need to live the stuff of their dreams. Tish was born into a life of business, having been involved in them her entire life. She has the expertise to cut through conventional accounting ways to help business owners bring their entrepreneurial vision alive.